‘Advancing League Leaders’ to Boost Talent Within

Ben Brown, NCLM Communications & Multimedia Strategist

New staff advancement program launched in November.

Municipal leaders across North Carolina know, among other core functions, the League’s array of programs for general education, targeted development, team-building, and safety. It’s what we do, no matter the challenges of the day, in the spirit of working together for everyone’s advancement. But, because we practice what we preach, we also do the work internally. Programs that enrich the League’s professional staff fuel our abilities to best serve our member cities and towns.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the latest of our League staff-focused programs: Advancing League Leadership, or ALL, a component of the League’s Vision 2030 mission of change and organizational improvement.

Executive Director Paul Meyer nutshelled the program’s purpose with a question: “How do we take people who are already in the organization and give them all the tools to grow into the leaders they can become?”

Meyer, who has been with the League nearly 12 years and in its top position since 2014, said his past supervisors always afforded opportunities to hone his potential and apply it with forward momentum, and wants League staffers, also known as Leaguers, to enjoy the same.

“I couldn’t be doing what I do today at the League if I hadn’t had those kinds of opportunities in my career,” he said, “and I’m very fortunate to have been given that. This is a way for us to do that for the next set of leaders at the League.”

Top to bottom, left column: Heather James, Matt Reid, Brittney Hunter, Erin Wynia, Brandie Green, Darius Chisholm. Photo Credit: Alex Boerner and Ben Brown.

Meyer has personally selected six employees for the first ALL curriculum, kicking off in November, “with the hope that we can give them extra special professional development opportunities to empower them and enable them to lead at a higher level,” he said, noting that would help the work of senior management, diversify top-tier talent, and further prepare the organization for tomorrow.

Leading ALL will be Associate Executive Director of Public and Government Affairs Rose Vaughn Williams and Associate Executive Director of Risk Management Services Bryan Leaird, helped by professional development consultant Rick Rochetti and others. The first ALL staff participants are Chief Legislative Counsel Erin Wynia, Risk Control Consultants Darius Chisholm and Matt Reid, Business and Membership Development Services Consultant Brittney Hunter, Cost Accountant Brandie Green, and Human Resources Consultant Heather James.

This program was initially geared for rollout in early 2020 but placed on pause as the League quickly shifted gears around COVID-19. The organization’s executive leadership worked diligently to get ALL back online, and is excited for its first class and the opportunities opening for them.

“There’s been a path that’s created for the future,” Meyer said.