American Rescue Plan and NCLM: The Services Available to Cities and Towns

Newsletter, Webinar Series, Service Line, and More

You are making transformational investments into your community. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

What does that mean in practice? It means updating you as U.S. Treasury guidelines change. It means offering a robust service line to assist in every facet of the ARP process. And it means holding regular events to gather, take questions, and provide important training.


Each month, your town’s ARP key contacts are sent the ‘ARP Newsletter,’ which collects the most critical news and guidance, and keeps your local government up to date on need-to-know information. This publication also shares reminders and best practices on the most key elements of ARP administration, such as internal control development, required policies and key reporting deadlines.

Perhaps most importantly, the ARP Newsletter always provides the most updated contact information for NCLM’s ARP team. Our staff is prepared to help you individually in any way possible, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay tuned to your email on the second Thursday of every month for the ARP Newsletter!


Last year, with so many questions surrounding the American Rescue Plan, the League organized its traveling, four-stop American Rescue Plan Expert Tour, which served as a one-stop shop for local leaders as they began their ARP process.

This year, we’re honing in on specific elements of ARP through our American Rescue Plan Webinar Series. These virtual learning opportunities address the most timely needs of ARP, from grant management to reporting deadlines to communication strategies. In the series’ most recent edition, NCLM showcased its ARP Service Line—a comprehensive assistance program designed to help you with all areas of ARP.

As more needs arise, more editions of the ARP Webinar Series will be offered! We will share information on those events through the ARP Newsletter, described above.