Comprehensive Fiscal Training for Local Governments: NCLM Training Offered Across North Carolina

Jack Cassidy, Learning and Development Project Manager


In five locations across North Carolina, NCLM is offering a free, full-day guide to obtaining and maintaining sustainable financial management for your local government.

This training is meant for all local government leaders—elected officials, managers, finance directors and more—and was designed to be a one-stop shop for municipal financial education. Through two events, the NC League has already welcomed more than 150 local leaders from towns of all sizes. Upcoming editions will be held in Lumberton, Morganton and Goldsboro.

There are numerous benefits to attending. For those pursuing the League’s educational certificate program, participants will meet the six-hour requirement to earn NCLM’s Financial Management Certificate through this single, full-day offering. Those credits also count towards the League’s Certificate of Municipal Achievement—earned through 12 total hours of education.

Most importantly, though, participants will leave with a comprehensive overview of the duty of municipal financial management. There are few more important responsibilities. Cities and towns must implement sound fiscal and budgetary practices so that the delivery of services for citizens, residents and visitors are as effective and efficient as possible.

Course Audience

Elected officials, managers, finance directors, budget professionals and all other municipal staff.

Course Topics

  • The Local Government Finance Environment in North Carolina
  • Finance Officer Duties, Monthly Reports and Fund Balance
  • The Budget
  • Pre-Auditing and the Purchasing Process
  • The Annual Audit
  • Debt Management
  • Internal Controls
  • Utility Finance
  • Other Financial Items and Recent Legislation
  • Ethical Issues
  • Ten Keys to Board Oversight