League Update: More Than Just Insurance

On top of the coverages and benefits and services, it’s the people that are our most valuable offerings.

It’s been the League’s calling card for decades. Not only does NCLM provide the critical coverages that the private market so often does not, but we do so through offerings specifically geared towards the needs of cities and their staffs.

The most valuable piece of those offerings is the people.

Throughout the year, it is not uncommon for NCLM to receive testimonials from members, recapping the high-quality service that they received in their times of need. Ranging from medical emergencies to local crises to natural disasters and everything in between, it is these times that personalized, attentive service is most important. And though it is not a surprise that League staff members answer the call, it is still inspiring and rewarding to hear their stories.

Below, we’ve shared three of these testimonials, all sent in 2022. We’ve removed the names of towns and of non-NCLM staff members and edited for clarity. Otherwise, these accounts have been published in full.

Testimonial 1
I wanted to be sure you were aware of how much Lisa Ervin (NCLM Health and Benefits Consultant) and a representative from Medcost helped my husband last week.

As background, several months ago Lisa Kinsey (NCLM Senior Business Services Consultant) and Lisa Ervin worked tirelessly with my husband and I, as well as several folks at Medcost, to ensure a specialty infusion my husband must receive was cleared and covered.

This past week, we traveled more than three hours to Duke Hospital for his infusion only to be told less than 24 hours prior to his appointment that it would be canceled due to it not being covered. We were in a panic because he needed the infusion. It also takes a lot of work scheduling and travel arrangements to make these appointments possible. We knew that both the infusion center and my husband’s doctor had a letter of approval from Medcost. I contacted Lisa Ervin and she jumped on the crisis immediately. She and the Medcost representative were in touch with us constantly, remaining calm and in control in our very dynamic situation. Even though the appointment was canceled for a short time, because of Lisa’s perseverance, we were able to reschedule it for the same date and time.

We are so grateful for the folks at the League. I have experience working professionally with your organization because of my job. I’ve always been impressed with the level of service I’ve received. I know the employees in your organization are top notch, but they continue to impress me.

Testimonial 2

Brian Eichelberger (NCLM Property & Casualty Field Adjuster) assisted our town with approximately 60 initial claims and 20 supplemental claims related to Hurricane Florence. Brian was an integral part of the success of our claims reporting and cross referencing to FEMA. Brian assisted from the initial claim (Fall 2018) through February 2021 in which there were a multitude of questions from FEMA, NCDPS, FEMA PA consultants, and myself. Brian was essential in communication and settlement of information between FEMA, NCDPS, the FEMA PA Consultant, NCLM and our town. Brian helped me navigate flood zones and insurance coverage. He was always available for questions, knowledgeable, and responsive. I owe a huge amount of gratitude to Brian for his help during this event and the multiple years after navigating all things insurance related.

Testimonial 3

Although I do not normally submit property claims as I have in the past, there is one person that I regularly worked with, and I cannot say enough about Charlotte Martin (NCLM Property & Casualty Claims Adjuster) and how helpful and truly enjoyable she was to work with. Charlotte was one of the first representatives that I worked with regularly from NCLM and this was also when I was relatively new to insurance as it relates to the more particular details, and she guided me and always answered any questions I had (even when they were newbie questions).

One other individual that has always been an enormous help to our town and to new staff members that take over the insurance renewals and handling additions and deletions throughout the year is Patrice Adams (NCLM Senior Underwriter). Patrice demonstrates a high level of knowledge and is always helpful in all our questions and requests. Patrice’s assistance throughout the year helps our organization and efficiency in multiple aspects.