Local Spotlight: The Town of Farmville

    The Town of Farmville represents all that is great about North Carolina communities. Its history is evident in each brick façade. Its strategy for success is straightforward—rather than chasing size, the focus is investment into its own key assets, which include a strong parks and recreation department and a burgeoning arts scene.

    New businesses, improved quality of life, and a palpable sense of culture—Farmville’s situation is not due to luck, but rather is a steady payoff. Its future is bright.

    “We’re building a town that’s desirable,” said city manager David P. Hodgkins. “Growing, but not rapidly. A place where people of all ages want to live, where they can have fun, where they can shop and eat out. We want to be a pacesetter.”

    In early August, Manager Hodgkins gave Southern City a tour of the town. The following photos from that day reveal its makeup. No single development defines Farmville. It takes a look around multiple corners to get a sense of what is being offered.