NCLM Insurance: Unmatched Service, Unmatched Offerings

NCLM Communications

For municipalities and by municipalities, the League’s add-on, free-of-charge insurance services provide unparalleled value to members.

With immensely strong pools, exceedingly competitive costs and plans geared specifically toward municipalities, insurance from the North Carolina League of Municipalities is nearly always the most attractive coverage option for cities and towns.

And that’s only at the most basic level. Take into account the breadth of ancillary services—all of which are free to members—and it’s easy to see the significant value offered to our cities and towns.

“There are just so many offerings,” said Michael Pittman, Director of Underwriting. “Every one of our members should be taking advantage of these.”

Online, the League provides training sessions on more than 100 topics that directly impact municipal operations, from law enforcement to utilities. Whether a municipality needs its line workers to be trained on workplace safety or its HR staff to learn about employment liability, the online platform has it covered.

More hands-on guidance is provided in person. League consultants hold a number of educational sessions throughout the state, and can be scheduled for on-site risk assessment. Additionally, the League provides coverage against cyber-attacks, training services geared toward law enforcement, and a number of individualized consultative services—all done, again, free of charge.

“The work we do out in the field, and the people we have readily available to help municipalities at a moment’s notice—other carriers do not have that,” said Pittman. “We have people doing one-on-one meetings with police chiefs, consultants traveling the state informing members about employment practices.”

There are then the benefits of the Health Benefits Trust. This health insurance coverage goes above and beyond for its members, and offers benefits to meet the specific needs of cities, towns, counties, and other governing bodies.

Running a local government is difficult; the Health Benefits Trust ensures that our members’ wellness needs are met. These include a whole host of offerings in addition to the standard health coverage: complementary alternative medicine, Teladoc, additional programs such as Personal Care Management and Diabetes Management Programs, and many more.

And, as with all League services, the main benefit continues to be its member-driven mission, which underlies all services. There are no generalities. From the people to the plan, the offerings are designed specifically with municipalities in mind, ensuring that the League is uniquely equipped to attend to the needs of cities and towns.

Moreover, the insurance pools are self-funded and member-governed, meaning that the coverage is not simply beholden to North Carolina local governments—it’s managed by them, too.

“We do not lose sight of that mission,” said Pittman.