NCLM’s American Rescue Plan Service Line

Through generous state support, the NC League has launched a number of services designed to support your investment and accounting of American Rescue Plan funds.

For a bit of background…

The federal American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law on March 11, 2021. Among its many provisions was the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) program, which directed funds to state and local governments. In total, North Carolina municipalities received approximately $1.3 billion of these funds. In late 2021, North Carolina opted to grant the N.C. League of Municipalities a portion of its SLFRF allocation. The League is directed to use these funds to provide guidance and technical assistance to municipalities in the spending of their SLFRF funds.

Now, through both a robust in-house staff and a network of statewide partnerships, NCLM is prepared to assist your local government with a suite of services in conjunction with your ARP spending.

Legal Consultation

In addition to NCLM’s in-house legal staff, the League has also arranged for partner attorneys to provide a set number of hours of guidance to our cities and towns as it relates to American Rescue Plan questions.

Law compliance, contracts, legal pitfalls—if you have questions about any of these topics or others in regards to your American Rescue Plan funds, then take advantage of this offerings.

Grant Writing and Grant Administration

For many towns, the American Rescue Plan marks their first experience with federal grants and the many processes and requirements that accompany federal funds. This service will provide assistance and support in navigating those requirements.

Cybersecurity Services

A critical threat facing our municipalities, cybersecurity has only become more important in recent years, especially as you now begin investing American Rescue Plan funds. Through this service, NCLM and its partners will ensure that you are secure from phishing attempts, malware, and the many other attacks that threaten your town’s digital network.

Municipal Accounting Services

Our most robust and important offering. The Municipal Accounting Services (MAS) program is designed to promote better financial accountability and reliability for smaller governments. Through this offering, the League will provide participating towns with access to financial software systems as well as direct support to accounting assistance.

You are making transformational investments in your community. We’re here to help.

To get started or to learn more, contact NCLM’s ARP team directly at or 919-715-3938.