Taking the Field: Your Success is Our Success

Rose Vaughn Williams, NCLM Executive Director

At its core, the North Carolina League of Municipalities is a service organization with a mission directed not just to cities and towns, but also through cities and towns. When we bolster and support our local governments, they can better bolster and support their communities. It’s an outpouring of service and goodwill that flows downhill, and we’re fulfilled in our work every day.

First and foremost, there are the local leaders themselves, and as we begin a new year, we are excited about the litany of programs, assistance, and support we are prepared to provide. The American Rescue Plan marches on, and the League will soon unveil a comprehensive service line to ensure that our towns have every tool available to complete the transformational investments they are currently pursuing.

Beneath the gleam of those remarkable projects is the regular work—the day-to-day efforts that bring our citizens basic but vital services, like clean water and public safety and infrastructure. In this issue is a story on the League’s ongoing relationship with the local governments of Moldova and, in particular, the many local government provisions that we so often take for granted, despite their importance and complexity. These offerings do not occur by accident. Rather, they are the result of tireless and unheralded public service. We are here to support the local governments making it happen.

We also see examples of the service-based mission in our insurance offerings. From a broad perspective, the League’s workers’ compensation, property and liability, and health insurance offerings provide cities and towns with important, needed city-focused coverage. And upon taking a closer look, we see that value only increases through the one-on-one help our staff is dedicated to delivering. We were blessed last year to receive numerous testimonials from our members. When a coastal town was devastated by hurricanes, a League staff member was there to guide them through their hundreds of insurance claims and ensure that they received the resources they needed to recover. And when a municipal employee faced major surgery, a League staff member worked diligently to ensure that the operation would be covered.

These examples are exceptional in their quality, but not in their quantity. They are numerous and a testament to the League’s greatest asset—its people.

Looking out over the new year ahead, we cannot wait to see the many achievements of our cities and towns. As you succeed, our communities succeed. You are the engine of our state, and you are propelling us to ever-new heights. The NC League of Municipalities is here to sustain that momentum and support your work every step of the way.