Vision 2030 Readiness Tool

Jack Cassidy, NCLM Communications Associate

In 2016, NCLM finalized a comprehensive strategic plan: Vision 2030, a forward-looking framework that has established key guidelines for what North Carolina municipalities should look like a decade from now.

Its conclusions were not arrived at lightly. With support from the UNC School of Government, this years long process involved extensive information gathering, a forecasting of trends, and a statewide tour meant to solicit feedback from key stakeholders. What resulted is a set of six operating principles that, together, paint the picture of a best in class city.

By 2030, our goal is that…

  • Municipal governments exercise greater control over their revenues, structures, and functions.
  • Municipalities demonstrate the value they a dd to the community’s quality of life.
  • Technology is widely used for service delivery, citizen engagement, and economic development.
  • Municipalities widely practice productive partnerships with counties, other governments, and the private sector. Urban and rural municipalities routinely work together for economic success.
  • Municipalities are able to quickly adapt to cultural and demographic changes in their communities.

This vision was born of a desire to allow North Carolina cities and towns and their residents to chart a course that will enable all—regardless of size or make-up—to thrive, to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, and to continue to reflect their own diverse visions for themselves.

And we’re going to help you get there.

The Vision 2030 Readiness Tool will be introduced this spring, and will provide a clear roadmap for cities and towns to achieve these objectives.

The process, which will begin with a face-to-face meeting with a League representative, will create a road map. First, we’ll evaluate where you are in terms of the six key objectives. Next, we’ll generate a report, or plan, which will lay out key steps you can take moving forward. And finally, we’ll serve as a constant source of support moving forward.

This is not a one-off meeting. This is an ongoing journey, and we are at the ready to help you every step of the way.

“This is a way to make Vision 2030 real,” said Jennifer Cohen, NCLM Director of Business and Membership Development Services. “We’re not just highlighting weak points or celebrating strengths. We’re establishing clear ways for our cities and towns to grow over the next decade into strong, thriving municipalities.”

The Vision 2030 Readiness Tool will roll out over the next few months. If you are interested in beginning the process as early as possible, please contact NCLM Assistant Director Julie Metz at